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Do you want to take stunning photos and learn to creatively enhance or post-process each one? Have you ever thought of commercializing your photography hobby? Carve your own photography career within 2 months!

Choose this course if:

You are seeking to enter the workforce
You are aiming to progress in your career
You are creative and patient
You have a great eye for detail
You love interacting with people
You thrive from being busy
You can remain calm in stressful situations
You can use a computer and its main software package confidently

The course is designed for individuals who have no experience but are passionate to start a new career and learn techniques to enhance their chance of employment in the flourishing field of photography.

Do you want…

A career that fits your interest, passion, and life commitments?
To commercialize your photography hobby
To take and post-process (edit) gorgeous photos
To transform your clients’ visions into stunning photos
To make creative and informative content for different platforms
To work freelance and/or from home?
To be your own boss and define your own hours?
To start a new career today?

If you…

Have limited time to study
Don’t want to spend years without a job
Want to move forward from doing photography as a hobby or from being a photographer’s assistant
Long for financial security in a career you love
Can’t pay upfront to fund your new career
Are determined to create a better future for you and your family
Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time!

By the end of this course you will…

Acquire knowledge, understanding, and skills in manipulating a combination of camera settings for different shooting conditions
Practice taking photos in artificial and natural light
Shoot creative pictures for clients for advertisements, catalogues, menus, and other purposes.
Take high quality food photography for clients through highlighting textures and various important features of objects and working in a flat lay
Learn how to put a model at ease during photoshoots and build a professional working relationship with them and the clients
Create stunning portraits that bring out a model’s best features
Study the features of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for colour correction and retouching of photographs
Utilize techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit photos quickly and efficiently

Course Programme

You will study…

1. Basic parts of a camera and their functions
2. General camera manipulation techniques and tips
3. Aperture settings and the respective effects of each on exposure
4. Depth of field changes
5. Shutter speed and its influence on a subject

You will practice…

✓ Generating pictures that have a sharp foreground and a blurred background
✓ Capturing photos focused on moving objects, at low shutter speed

You will master…

Camera Settings
Aperture and Exposure
Depth of Field
Shutter Speed

You will study…

1. Basic principles of a photography lighting setup/system
2. Types of photography lighting (drawing, filling, backdrop, background) and the influence of each one on the composition of a photo
3. Optimal light utilization

You will practice…

✓ Taking photos using the different types of photography lighting

You will master…

Lighting System
Directed, Diffused, and Background Light
Light Patterns
Optimal Light

You will study…

1. Basic concepts of composition
2. Accents and balance in photography
3. Diagonals in frame capturing
4. Photography background management and control
5. Object and background balance
6. Perspective creation in the frame

You will practice…

✓ Creating pictures with different backgrounds and textures

You will master…

Accents and Balance
Background and Framing Techniques

You will study…

1. Basic principles of outdoor portrait photography
2. Natural light utilization and management
3. Variety of light filters, colour temperature, and white balance setting and the respective effects of each on in portrait photography

You will practice…

✓ Shooting outdoor portraits using natural light
✓ Capturing staged and reportage pictures

You will master…

Camera Settings
Aperture and Exposure
Depth of Field
Shutter Speed

You will study…

1. Smartphone photography and its relevance in the 21st century
2. Smartphone photography: Portraits and landscapes
3. Smartphone photography: Flat lay shooting
4. 4. Photo editing via Smartphone: VSCO, Snapseed, Rookie Cam, Facetune, etc.

You will practice…

✓ Creating landscape, portrait, and flat lay photos using a smartphone

You will master…

Flat lay shooting using Smartphones
Portrait Photography using Smartphones
Landscape Photography using Smartphones
Smartphone Applications for Photo Editing

You will study…

1. Studio equipment: Description, utilization, and management
2. Internal and external flash manipulation
3. Lenses: Selecting the best to use for a specific type of photoshoot

You will practice…

✓ Using different lenses to take photos
✓ Taking pictures with and without flash

You will master…

Studio Equipment
Luminosity, Flash, and Fading Light
Lenses and Viewing Angles

You will study…

1. Basic lighting schemes for portrait photography in the studio
2. Light and shadow utilization
3. Variety of perceptions of light and dark keys
4. Positioning a model in the frame
5. Lighting types used in studio portrait photography: Side, classical, Rembrandt, broad, and narrow lighting
6. Portrait composition

You will practice…

✓ Capturing a portrait with artificial light
✓ Generating staged portraits

You will master…

Butterfly Effect
Side, Classical, Rembrandt, Broad, and Narrow lighting
Model Positioning in a Frame

You will study…

1. Colour or black-and-white photography: Selecting the best method for specific goals
2. Basic principles of colour psychology
3. Utilization of colour filters and white balance compensation in photoshoots
4. Light and shadow proportions for black-and-white photos

You will practice…

✓ Generating pictures in dark and light keys as well as in black-and-white
✓ Creating photos with distinctly predominant colours: red, blue, green or yellow

You will master…

Colour and Black-and-White Photography
Psychology of Colour and Colour Symbolism
Colour Circle and Colour Filters
Light and Shadow Proportions

You will study…

1. Object photography: Light utilization
2. Object photography: Composition and working with the background
3. Features and principles of food photography
4. Glass photography: Light selection and control
5. Metal photography: Glare management
6. Product photography: Shadow manipulation
7. Props Utilization

You will practice…

✓ Creating pictures of objects or food, using different textures along with daylight from a window and a background

You will master…

Photographing Glass
Photographing Metal
Photographing Food
Photographing Ceramics
Utilizing Props
Utilizing Light

You will study…

1. Frame perspective and scene diversity
2. Characteristics and use of non-standard compositions
3. Cityscape and landscape photography distinction
4. Basics of framing a multi-faceted shot
5. Daylight and evening scenes
6. Reportage: Outdoors shooting
7. Shoot angles
8. Tips to commercialize photography (from being a hobby)

You will practice…

✓ Taking photos of cityscapes and landscapes

You will master…

Staged Photography
Reportage Photography
Urban Landscape
Nature Photography
Scene Diversity
Non-standard Compositions
Multifaceted Shots and Shoot Angles

You will study…

1. Image formats (raw, tiff, jpeg, PSD) and their differences
2. Features of the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop interface
3. Library and catalogues management
4. Photo importation and selection
5. Picture clusterisation

You will practice…

✓ Instaling Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and manipulating their respective features
✓ Applying basic editing techniques in the same style, using five personally-selected photos

You will master…

File Format Differences
Basic Editing Techniques
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop

You will study…

1. Camera raw utilization
2. Colour theory: The colour circle, primary and complementary colours, and their interactions
3. Basics of light and colour correction (white balance adjustment, HSL and calibration colour correction)
4. Colour correction of black-and-white photos
5. Digital correction and distortion correction
6. Image noise removal

You will practice…

✓ Analyzing photos in terms of colour
✓ Colour correcting two images using the tools and learning acquired from this lesson

You will master…

Colour Circle and Colour Combinations
Colour Correction and Calibration
Camera Raw
Digital Correction and Distortion Correction
Image Noise Removal

You will study…

1. Initial Adobe Photoshop settings and workspace adjustment
2. Photo importation and exportation
3. Basic composition corrections
4. Cropping: An artistic image processing tool
5. Image rotation and cropping: Size, scale and aspect ratio image correction
6. Photo manipulation history: Adjustment of history settings

You will practice…

✓ Analyzing photos in terms of composition
✓ Taking five to six (5-6) pictures and using the crop tool on the said photos
✓ Applying basic correction techniques on old, personal photos

You will master…

Adobe Photoshop
Crop Tool
Manipulation History Setting
Image Rotation and Aspect Ratio
Composition Corrections

You will study…

1. Creation and correction of layers, layer blending modes, and layers adjustment
2. Creating and using masks, and local colour correction methods
3. Collage-making techniques
4. Image toning using layers

You will practice…

✓ Using layers and masks, on your own (self-study)
✓ Creating two collages

You will master…

Background Processing

You will study…

1. Healing brush tool utilization
2. Spot healing brush tool utilization
3. Simple retouching (skin retouching, removal of dress folds, correction of body shape, teeth whitening)

You will practice…

✓ Using retouching tools on two photos, on your own (self-study)
✓ Applying body shape correction techniques using the “liquify” tool

You will master…

Stamp Tool
Patch Tool
Point Brush
Healing Brush
Spot Healing
Retouching Basics

You also get: Career Planning

Unlimited guidance and strategic planning sessions with our careers advisor and access after you graduate. He will work with you to discover what career path you enjoy in the photography industry and help to set you up for employment, no matter what avenue you choose, e.g. freelance, or set up your own photography studio. You also have free access to our vacancy database to help you find employment when you graduate.

Access to the FREE website builder

You don’t have to rely on willpower and panic to create your professional website, or even pay a penny to a web hosting company.

Take full advantage of our FREE website builder that includes everything from your portfolio, an about me page to a contact form where clients can request your services by sending you an email that will be redirected to your personal email address.

It’s simple – create your quick website using the pre-edited sections. All you have to do is plug in your personality, upload your photos, and you are ready to book clients!

What will I achieve?

When you graduate, you will be able to offer photography services with a wide-range of competencies, such as portrait photography, outdoor reportage photography, studio advertising photography, cityscape and landscape photography, etc. You will also be able to offer independent post-processing services as an experienced user of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, including but not limited to colour correction and retouching of photographs.

You can work in the flourishing photography industry straight away as a freelancer, as a photography studio-owner or choose to train other individuals by becoming a photography tutor or teacher.

You can complete this course in just 2 months!

Learn from Industry Professionals:

At Trade Academy we have 7 years of experience in government funding and employment strategies for people wanted to gain a career. We have helped 5,000 job seekers go from struggling to land a job interview to living their dream job in as little as 6 months.

How long is the course?

You can graduate in 8 weeks by attending our online classes for 2 hours a day, two days a week. This is your fast track way to launch a new career. You NEED to have a passion in photography and commit to practising the techniques in your spare time to fully benefit from the quick pace.

How will I learn?

E-learning Website

Once you are enrolled, you will be given unlimited access to the learning materials for your chosen course, which will be found in the e-learning website.

You will acquire your theory knowledge and understanding through online synchronous sessions with a tutor using the Zoom application. You will then utilize that theory in practical ways through face-to-face sessions with the same tutor, when you are asked to come to our learning center.

Theory to Practice Approach

You will be tutored by a photography professional who will guide you through practical lessons with practice on taking photos in a studio and outdoor, using different objects and emphasizing different features/characteristics.

You will be provided with interactive and social learning experiences through your tutor and your peers. Your tutor will push you to reach your goals and provide regular feedback for your development. You will also be asked to be in touch with your peers (a small group of 12* students) so that you can find a community of support to help you complete your qualification successfully.

Take-home Enrichment Activities

You will be asked to complete practical activities and written examinations outside of your learning sessions; these are aimed to enrich your learning and to help you achieve your certification.

You will be assessed on your theory understanding through written assignments to make sure you fully understand each lesson within the course. You will also be assessed on your practical skills through undergoing practical assessments, and developing your learner portfolio and your service portfolio.

COVID19 Precaution

*Until we can go back to normal, there will be maximum 6-7 learners in the classroom at the same time and the necessary PPE (face shield/mask, hand sanitiser) will be provided.

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Aged 19 or over
DSLR Camera
An interest and passion to work in the Photography industry
A satisfactory reference
A successful skills test and interview

How to pay for the course:

To be enrolled in this course…

  • You must be 18 years old or over at the first day of class (for the course)
  • You must be able to speak and read English fluently
  • You must have access to a desktop/table device
  • You must have access to a camera and a smartphone

If you are everything that is stated above and you have decided to take this course, you have the option to choose from our two payment plans:

Upfront Payment: £280 from £560 (discount until 7th June 2021)

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Installment: £61 per month

This is a secure payment plan with equal payments split over 1-6 months sign up with monthly payments. The service is provided by Paypalinc, Stripe inc. We reserve the right to deny your instalment plan application at our discretion

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We will NOT receive any commission, referral fees or any other such payments from PayPal for customers that choose PayPal Credit to finance their course.

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What career opportunities do I have?

After the photography course, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills about the different techniques in creating attractive photographs, in different settings and emphasizing different features of a subject, as well as the skills to successfully enhance (edit) or post-process photos that you, or other people, have taken using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. The training of the said skills will be provided to you through online synchronous sessions where an expert tutor will discuss the theories to you and through practical activities where you will be asked to apply those theories.

Specific job opportunities:

  • Work in a creative studio
  • Be a part of a retail concession in a nail bar
  • Extend your range into different areas of photography product, property, aerial or corporate work

Specific independent/self-employment opportunities:

  • Be a freelance photographer; accept a mix of projects aligned to your interests
  • Sell your images independently

Specific career progression (by training further):

  • Become a photography teacher/tutor
  • Become a press or police photographer
  • Become a photographer in the armed forces
  • Become a medical photographer or illustrator


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