Free Social Media Marketing+Business Traineeships Course

Learn to build a business, find clients, and social media marketing– all in one! Facebook ads, Instagram, Google ads, SEO. Learn digital marketing and business skills so you can set up your own business or work for companies as a freelance digital marketer, within 12 weeks!

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Choose this course if:

You are creative, engaging, and patient
You have a great eye for detail
You are passionate about media production and communication
You want to acquire or develop your business management skills
You are resilient and you thrive from being busy
You are open to learn new ideas and to work with a team
You want to make engaging content and “sell” ideas, products, and services

When you work in the digital marketing and sales field, it’s up to you to “sell” ideas, products, and services in the most engaging ways you can think of! The Social Media Marketing + Business Traineeships Course will give you the techniques you need to develop creative, effective, engaging and efficient digital promotion strategies and content plans, to establish a genuine, professional relationship with your clients, and to set up your own professional business and career in the digital marketing and sales field!

Do you want…

A career that fits your interest, passion, and life commitments?
To enhance your knowledge and skills in social media marketing and business?
To make money from your passion?
To be able to book your own clients and charge your own prices?
To work freelance, from home, or in your own agency?
To be your own boss and define your own hours?
To start a career as a social media specialist today?

If you…

Have limited time to study
Do not want to spend years without a job
Long for financial security in a career you love
Can’t pay upfront to fund your new career
Are determined to create a better future for you and your family
Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time!

By the end of this course you will…

Be able to set up your own business
Utilise a variety of techniques to develop realistic, appropriate, relevant, and creative social media marketing strategies:
  • Laying out an effective and efficient promotion strategy and content plan
  • Creating engaging content using the appropriate communication tools
  • Forming sustainable relationships with a loyal core audience
  • Employing pay-per-click advertising tools, influencer marketing formats, and targeted advertising
  • Organising your own photo and video content shoots, from preparation to output post-processing
  • Analysing the effectiveness of your promotion and assessing your performance through KPIs and built-in analytics tools
Achieve the English, Mathematics, and Digital Skills required to successfully take their business forward
Be equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to confidently approach an employer for employment opportunities in the digital marketing and sales field

Course Units

Key Topics Lesson Objectives Lesson Requirements
1. Placement Level 1 Award in Work Experience:70 hrs Work Experience Practice the knowledge and skills you have learned about Social Media Marketing, as you immerse in a real-working environment for 2 weeks Time Sheet covering 70 hours
2. Employability – 601/4680/1 – Level 1 Award in developing employability Skills Become equipped with the essential employability skills that you need to stand out from the crowd, get in, and get on in the workplace Assignment / Case study / Oral Questioning / Quizzes
3. Business Skills – L/601/7638 – Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment Acquire the knowledge and understanding needed to carry out your personal responsibilities in a business environment Assignment / Case study / Oral Questioning / Quizzes
4. Functional Skills: English Develop confidence, independence, and fluency in your English language skills, which will help you to get the most out of education, work, and everyday life Exam
5. Functional Skills: Mathematics Develop confidence, independence, and fluency in your Maths skills, which will help you to get the most out of education, work, and everyday life Exam
6. Functional Skills: Digital Skills Develop abilities to use digital devices as well as communication applications and networks to access and manage information Exam
7. Social Media Marketing Learn to utilise different techniques for the development of realistic, appropriate, relevant, and creative social media marketing strategies, as well as in tracking, assessing and analysing content performance Learner’s Portfolio

Course Structure

Learning through work experience

1. Carry out activities in the workplace
2. Prepare for learning in the workplace
3. Identify what has been learnt from the workplace experience

Employability Mindset

1. Understanding mindset

Work Awareness

1. Understanding your customers
2. Understanding motivation
3. Dealing with your first days at work
4. Business and customer awareness

Self-improvement and Personal Effectiveness for Work

1. Setting yourself targets
2. Managing your time
3. Handling information at work
4. How to keep improving
5. Presenting information
6. Developing assertiveness
7. Introduction to independence

Problems and Solutions

1. Problem solving at work
2. Creative thinking
3. Coping with change
4. Taking part in a project
5. ICT for employment

Taking Responsibility

1. Identifying processes and procedures at work
2. Following instructions
3. Understanding personal finance
4. Tackling number problems

Working with Others

1. Working in a team
2. Working with colleagues
3. Being managed by others
4. Using social media in the workplace
5. Using online collaborative workplace tools
6. Using telephones in the workplace
7. Understanding conflict at work
8. Meetings in the workplace

Preparing for Work

1. Job and training search skills
2. Job application skills
3. Interview skills
4. Writing a CV
5. Being safe and healthy at work
6. Health and well-being in the workplace
7. Disclosing an offence

Cluster C (optional units)

1. Working with colleagues
2. ICT for employment
3. Job search skills
4. Dealing with your first days at work
5. Following instructions
6. How to keep improving
7. Working in the community as a volunteer

Mandatory Group

1. Personal responsibilities and working in a business environment
2. Providing administrative services
3. Managing information and producing documents

Optional Group A

1. Supporting change in a business environment
2. Supporting business events
3. Maintaining stationery stock
4. Working in the Public Sector
5. Contributing to innovation and change
6. Budgets in a business environment
7. Project management

Barred Units

1. Contributing to innovation and change
2. Working in the Public Sector

1. Identify relevant information and lines of argument in explanations or presentations
2. Make requests and ask relevant questions to obtain specific information in different contexts
3. Respond effectively to detailed questions
4. Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and accurately on a range of topics
5. Express opinions and arguments and support them with evidence
6. Follow and understand discussions and make contributions relevant to the situation and the subject

7. Use appropriate phrases, registers and adapt contributions to take
8. Account of audience, purpose and medium
9. Respect the turn-taking rights of others during discussions, using appropriate language for interjection

1. Using numbers and the number system – Whole numbers
2. Using common measures, shape and space
3. Handling information and data
4. Solving mathematical problems and decision making

Being safe and responsible online and on digital device

1. Protecting data
2. Being responsible online
3. Digital wellbeing

Using digital devices and handling information

1. Find and evaluate information
2. Manage and store information
3. Identifying and solving technical problems
4. Developing digital skills

Creating and editing

1. Creating and editing documents
2. Editing and enhancing digital media
3. Processing numerical data

Digital communication

1. Communicating and sharing

1. Becoming a Social Media Manager
2. Understanding the Social Media Audience
3. Planning a Social Media Management Strategy
4. Developing Quality Content
5. Shooting and Editing via Smartphone
6. Copywriting and Social Media

7. Writing Texts for Social Media
8. Making Use of Audience Loyalty
9. Understanding Promotion and Advertising
10. Marketing through Social Media Influencers
11. Collaborating with Bloggers
12. Employing “Targeted Advertising”
13. Profiting from Facebook Ads Manager
14. Advertising on TikTok
15. Learning about Retargeting and Parsing
16. Utilising Advertising and Marketing Analytics

You also get: Career Planning

Unlimited guidance and strategic planning sessions with our careers advisor and access after you graduate. He will work with you to discover what career path you enjoy as a social media specialist and business owner and help to set you up for employment, no matter what avenue you choose, e.g freelance (work in different projects at a time or work at a company), setting up your own social media marketing business, or even starting your own social media marketing agency. You also have free access to our vacancy database to help you find employment when you graduate.

Access to the FREE website builder

You don’t have to learn to create your professional website, or even pay a penny to a web hosting company.

Take full advantage of our FREE website builder that includes everything from your portfolio, an about me page, to a contact form where clients can request your services by sending you an email that will be redirected to your personal email address.

It’s simple: create your quick website using the pre-edited sections. All you have to do is plug in your personality, upload your photos, and you are ready to book clients!

What will I achieve?

When you successfully complete this course, you will be able and qualifiedto offer social media marketing services, with a wide-range of competencies, such as developing promotion strategies and content plans;creating engaging and quality content; forming sustainable relationships with a loyal core audience; employing pay-per-click advertising tools, influencer marketing formats, and targeted advertising; learning photo and video shoot basics from preparation to post-processing (using Adobe Photoshop); and utilising content performance indicators for tracking, analysing, and assessing the effectiveness of your promotion and assessing your performance.

You will also receive four (4) certifications: NCFE Functional Skills Qualification in English, NCFE Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics, NCFE Level 1 Award in Employability Skills, and a Certificate for Completing the Social Media Marketing Course.

You can complete this course in just 12 weeks!

Learn from Industry Professionals:

At Trade Academy, we have 10 Years of experience in Government funding and employment strategies for people wanting to gain a career in differentindustries. We have helped 5,000 job seekers go from struggling to land a job interview to living their dream job in as little as 6 months.

How long is the course?

You can graduate in 12 weeks by attending 8 hours every week on Thursdays. This is your fast track way to launch a new career. You NEED to have a passion for social media marketingand setting up a business related to it, as well as commit to practicing the knowledge, skills, and techniques that you acquire in the course in your spare time, to fully benefit from the quick pace.

How will I learn?

E-learning Website

Once you are enrolled, you will be given unlimited access to the learning materials for your chosen course, which will be found in the e-learning website.

You will acquire your theory knowledge and understanding through online synchronous sessions with a tutor using the Zoom application.

Theory to Practice Approach

You will be tutored by a digital marketing and sales professional who will guide you in using your theory knowledge in practical ways, through designated sessions with the same tutor, as well as in practicing by yourself, at home.

You will be provided with interactive and social learning experiences through your tutor and your peers. Your tutor will push you to reach your goals and provide regular feedback for your development. You will also be asked to be in touch with your peers (a small group of 12* students) so that you can find a community of support to help you complete the course successfully.

Take-home Enrichment Activities

You will be asked to complete practical activities and written examinations, outside of your learning sessions; these are aimed to enrich your learning and to help you achieve your certifications.

You will be assessed on your theory understanding through written assignments to make sure that you fully understand each lesson within the course. You will also be assessed on your practical skills through undergoing practical assessments and developing your learner portfolio.

COVID19 Precaution

*The course will be delivered online

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Aged 19 to 24
Access to laptop/tablet/smartphone and internet connection

How to pay for the course:

The course is £3,345 but you can get it for FREE (£0) if you avail the UK Government funding

You are eligible for funding if you are:

  • 19 to 24 years old
  • Eligible to work in England
  • You should be living in one of these priority areas – Greater London, Midlands (Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland) or North West (Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside)
  • Unemployed or have little or no work experience but are motivated to work
  • In receipt of UC/JSA/ESA

For more information regarding the terms and conditions and whether you are eligible for funding, click the link below.

What career opportunities do I have?

After successfully completing this course, you can become self-employed or you can also establish your own social media marketingbusiness.If you undergo further training and gain more experience, it can open up more opportunities, like managing the social media of large local and international companies or, perhaps, progress to a senior social media manager job.

Digital Marketing and Sales is an exciting area to choose as your profession because it is an in-demand and flourishing field in the present and there are so many products and services you canspecialize on. After this course there are specific job opportunities, independent/self-employment opportunities, career progression, and academic/education progression that you could choose from!

Job opportunities:

  • Employment with our marketing agency
  • Become an assistant or junior digital content writer
  • Work as an online digital community manager

Independent/self-employment opportunities:

  • Become a freelance social media manager or specialist
  • Establish your own social media marketing business or agency

Career progression (by further training and with more experience):

  • Be promoted to junior social media manager
  • Work towards becoming a digital marketing specialist

Academic/education progression:

  • Digital Marketing Apprenticeship
  • Business Management (Digital Marketing) Foundation Degree


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