Developer – Full-time, Permanent

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You will be responsible for maintaining and developing the code and platform that make up our Global Dealer Networking software; ensuring that your workload is managed effectively, and the resulting code tested thoroughly, leading to projects being delivered on time.

Working proactively to meet ambitious deadlines, you will use your technical skill to liaise with colleagues and develop given specifications into a working product. You will be expected to be able to work confidently alone on smaller projects, or as a part of the development team on larger developments.

Your understanding of programming technologies will be sound, enabling you to work effectively and develop complementary solutions, solve issues before and as they arise, and provide insight as to how this comprehensive platform can evolve and adapt in the future. You will be responsible for ensuring that all code produced meets both industry standards and internal guidelines, and that your work is documented to a high standard.

Your day to day

Take responsibility of tasks and projects assigned to you, liaising with relevant parties to ensure a thorough understanding of what is expected of your deliverables, and set definitive and realistic timescales in which to achieve them.
As a Junior Developer, you will assist in design, coding and testing of technical solutions with clear, concise comments, and thorough project documentation within departmental guidelines and industry standards.
Communicate and collaborate with the development team to understand any tasks you are unsure of, before scheduling the work alongside your other commitments to ensure on time delivery of the resulting work.
Ensure usability and performance are integral considerations during every project you undertake. Identify system deficiencies upon finding them and recommend solutions.

Job Overview

  • Date Posted:
  • Expiration date:October 7, 2021
  • Location:London
  • Job Title:Developer – Full-time, Permanent
  • Salary:£23,000.00 - 29,000.00/month
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