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Tutor -Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology

What makes me, me?

I have a high expectations from myself in whatever I do. Every task must be completed. I am not afraid of challenges and changes. I am always looking for solutions how to resolve issues. I am not afraid of sharing my opinions with other. Never giving up upon my wishes.

Tell me about your role at CPBA. What does a typical day look like for you?

As a Nail Technology Teacher I see every day being a challenge trying to share my knowledge with others but my confidence and experience makes it a lot easier. Patience must be with me at all the time.

What's the standout highlight of your experience working at CPBA?

I am not only a teacher. I also work as a freelancer which improves my skills and knowledge. I believe that having this opportunity to deal with lots of different situations/clients helps me to prepare my students to work in the industry.

What skills do you bring to the table in your job?

Enjoyment of everything what you are doing. Passion, creativity, determination.

When you're not working, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy most?

My job keeps me occupied so I do not have a lot of free time for myself.Although if I am fortunate I like to spend time with my family,going to the cinema,trips or just stay at home and relax.