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Tutor - Level 2 Certificate in Cutting hair

What makes me, me?

I’m extremely enthusiastic with a bubbly personality with lots of life experience from traveling and my years of working in a creative industry. My family are definitely my foundation in life along with my values which include integrity and respect for myself and others. I thrive from working in a class room were learners are engaged and are enjoying learning this is my motivation why planning creatively captivating lesson for my students.

Tell me about your role at CPBA. What does a typical day look like for you?

As a hairdressing and barber tutor and assessor at CPBA my day-to-day role involves guiding and supporting aspiring hairdressers and barbers as they learn and develop their skills. I am be responsible for teaching and demonstrating various techniques and styles, whether it's cutting, colouring, or styling hair. My creativity shines through as I inspire and encourage my students to explore their own artistic potential. In addition to hands-on training, I also provide theoretical knowledge and industry insights, teaching subjects such as hair and scalp analysis, hygiene and safety practices, customer service, and salon management. I help students understand the latest trends, technologies, and products in the hairdressing and barbering industry, ensuring they stay up-to-date and competitive. As an assessor, I assess my students progress and competence in both practical and theoretical aspects of hairdressing and barbering. I observe their performance during practice sessions, provide constructive feedback, and evaluate their understanding of the subject matter through examinations and assignments. My goal is to ensure that each student meets the required standards and is well-prepared for their future career. Beyond teaching and assessing, I also provide mentorship and guidance to my students, helping them build confidence, develop professionalism, and nurture their passion for hairdressing and barbering. I create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves, asking questions, and learning from their mistakes. Overall, My role as a hairdressing and barber tutor and assessor at CPBA is to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of talented professionals in the industry.

What's the standout highlight of your experience working at CPBA?

My stand out highlight when working at CPBA is when a Learner joins my course who may have struggled when attending the maintain stream educational system and has no prior Hairdressing or Barbering experience and by the time they have completed the course their views on education are completely different as they have enjoyed their learning journey to gain their qualification. It is incredibly rewarding to see the transformation in their mind-set and their confidence in their abilities. Another standout highlight is when I get to witness the creativity and talent of my students. Seeing them develop their own unique styles and techniques and watching them flourish in their craft is truly inspiring. Additionally, building strong relationships with my students is a highlight for me. Being able to provide mentorship, guidance, and support to help them navigate their educational journey and overcome any challenges they may face is incredibly fulfilling. Lastly, seeing my students succeed in the industry after completing their qualifications is a major highlight. Knowing that I played a part in their success and that they are thriving and pursuing their dreams in the hairdressing or barbering field brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment.

What skills do you bring to the table in your job?

As a hairdressing teacher,I bring a multitude of valuable skills to the table. Some of the skills that I bring to the table are as follows. I possess in-depth knowledge and skills in various hairdressing techniques, such as cutting, styling, colouring, and hair care. My proficiency in these areas allows you to effectively teach and demonstrate these skills to my students. I have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate complex concepts and techniques to my students. My excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills enable me to engage and connect with my students, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. I understand that each student has their own learning pace and style. I have patience and adaptability allows me to tailor my teaching methods to accommodate different learning needs, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed and grow. As a hairdressing teacher, I possess a creative mind set that enables me to inspire and encourage my students to think outside the box. My ability to foster creativity helps cultivate innovative ideas and techniques in the field of hairdressing. In the world of hairdressing, unexpected challenges often arise. My problem-solving skills enable me to think quickly on me feet and find effective solutions to any issues that may arise during the learning process. I have the ability to lead and mentor My students, providing guidance, support, and encouragement throughout their hairdressing journey. My leadership skills empower my students to develop their own skills and confidence in the field. These are just a few of the skills that I bring to the table as a hairdressing teacher. My passion for the craft, combined with my expertise and friendly demeanour, make me an invaluable asset in shaping the next generation of talented hairdressers.

When you're not working, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy most?

When you are not working, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy most? I prioritize spending quality time with my loved ones. This includes activities such as going out for meals, organizing family gatherings, attending social event’s. I have a passion for acquiring knowledge and expanding your understanding of various subjects. This could involve reading books, taking online courses, attending workshops or seminars. I enjoy staying active and participating in different sports, including swimming, running, paddle boarding hiking, or any other physical activities that challenge me and keep me fit.