10 Essential CV And Cover Letter Tips To Secure An Apprenticeship

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10 Essential CV And Cover Letter Tips To Secure An Apprenticeship

If you find it challenging to write a CV and cover letter to secure an apprenticeship application, you may find this guide helpful. Given below are 10 essential tips that can help you create an impressive CV and cover letter. Read on to find out more.

Read up on the apprenticeship

Before getting started, read the job description carefully and do your research about the company. This will help you get a better idea of what they are looking for in their desired candidates.

Customize your CV

After you have done your homework, you should customize your CV to ensure it is relevant to the apprenticeship role. You should focus on the skills and qualifications that are mentioned in the advertisement.

Follow a simple structure

Make sure that your CV has a simple structure. Some of the key elements should be your contact details, personal statement, education, list of skills, experience, and hobbies and interests.

Write a powerful personal statement

Make sure you have a powerful personal statement on your CV. Your personal statement should consist of 18 to 15 sentences about yourself, your skillset, and the reasons this apprenticeship role is suitable for you.

Choose the right format

Make sure you opt for the appropriate format and font. Ideally, you should stick to Verdana or Calibri. As far as the font size is concerned, make sure you don’t go below 11. The font should be modern and professional.

Write about your transferable skills

Your CV should showcase your transferable skills. These skills may have come from a lot of sources like your volunteer work, hobbies, and part-time jobs.

Talk about your qualifications

Make sure you only provide the list of qualifications and skills that your employer is interested in.

Mention your hobbies

Don’t forget to include your hobbies and extracurricular activities in your CV. For example, if you are part of a sports team, you can mention this on your CV.

Show your passion

Your enthusiasm will also be considered. After all, employers want to hire someone motivated enough to learn. You may want to show your passion in the cover letter. You can do so by outlining your career goals.

Check for spelling and grammar errors

Final League, you should check your CV and cover letter for grammar and spelling errors. The idea is to make sure your CV and cover letters are clean and professional.

In short, you can follow these 10 tips before writing your CV and cover letter to secure an apprenticeship.

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