Month: January 2022

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Do I Need A PAYE Scheme For An Apprentice?

Since apprentices are like your employees, they have treated the same way for tax purposes. In other words, you will have to pay National Insurance Contributions and taxes just like everyone else. Normally, you will be taxed on the basis of the pay as you earn system aka PAYE. Now, the question is, do you

Can You Claim Benefits On An Apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. In this article, we are going to get a deeper insight into the type of benefits you can claim on an apprenticeship as part of your job. You can claim benefits but this will depend on your own circumstances. Therefore, you need to check for

What GCSEs Do I Need to Do a Childcare Apprenticeship?

As a childcare apprentice, you have to help experienced staff take care of young children. Besides, you will prepare learning material and observe kids as part of your studies. You may choose to work in a local childcare center, a private nursery, or a nursery attached to a hospital, university, college, or school. Your routine