Can You Claim Benefits On An Apprenticeship?

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Can You Claim Benefits On An Apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. In this article, we are going to get a deeper insight into the type of benefits you can claim on an apprenticeship as part of your job. You can claim benefits but this will depend on your own circumstances. Therefore, you need to check for your criteria and eligibility prior to applying. Let’s find out more.

Can you claim Tax or Universal Credits? 

Now, the Working Tax Credit (WTC) system and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) have been replaced with Universal Credit (UC). The aim of this system is to support people with low income for those who cannot work. 

In certain circumstances, you may qualify for UC while you are on an apprenticeship, which means you have to:

  • Have a training provider 
  • Pursue a recognized qualification 
  • Get paid a minimum of the National Minimum Wage as an apprentice

You have to reach a specific working hours limit for qualifying for UC. Besides, you may have to agree to a claimant commitment to dictate the number of hours you can work as an apprentice.

Can you claim child benefits if your kid is an apprentice? 

In the UK, there are different rules. If your child is over the age of 16 and is an apprentice, you cannot claim child benefits if you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. But if you are from Wales, you may be entitled to child benefits.

 Do you have to pay council tax?  

Although some students are not required to pay council tax, apprentices have to. But if you have only trainees or apprentices in your home, you may submit an application to receive a 50% discount on your Council tax.

Do you qualify for funding? 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, apprenticeship funding has gone through a lot of changes. After the announcement of the change, the government supplied a supporting document for details.

Although apprentices get a wage on the job and are entitled to some benefits and discounts, the funding relates to the employer of the apprentice, not the apprentice. The good news is that you can still apply for grants for funding through a private funder. 

Can you claim a house allowance?

Apart from a salary or wage, some employers provide other benefits, such as a relocation allowance, especially if you need to move to another place for completing your apprenticeship. But you may want to discuss it before signing an agreement with an employee.

In the UK, no allowance is provided for those who are living away from their home. But you can claim expenses for your commute or products you bought on the job as an apprentice. 

In short, this is a simple description of the type of benefits you can claim as an apprentice in the UK. So, if you want to become an apprentice, make sure you understand what you are entitled to.

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