Can You Do An Apprenticeship Without GCSEs?

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Can You Do An Apprenticeship Without GCSEs?

Can You Do An Apprenticeship Without GCSEs?

In an ideal world, it is possible for everyone to have a few GCSEs for their career success. But this is not the case for everyone for a number of reasons. So, if you don’t have any GCSEs, you can still apply for an apprenticeship.

If you have never got great GCSEs or you could not achieve what you wanted, you can still choose from several options. Therefore, you don’t need to give up as you can tap into a lot of opportunities.

Apprenticeships are ideal for you if you want to learn on the job or you are struggling with your GCSEs. The good news is that you can apply for a lot of roles. The qualifications that you will achieve will be equal to GCSEs. 

Do what you need to do is go for intermediate opportunities aka Level 2. Nothing will hold you back from improving your skills and climbing up your career ladder. For an intermediate apprenticeship, you can pursue a Functional Skills Qualification in English, Maths, or IT. 

They won’t be different whether you are doing business and marketing, child care, hair and beauty, and Automotive and Engineering. Based on your chosen course, you can achieve all those qualifications. 

If you don’t have any qualifications or have not taken any exams, you may take a BKSB test. This simple online test will help the trainers get an idea of your understanding of IT, maths, and English. This way they will be able to help you qualify. 

So, you can see that you always have several options to choose from. Therefore, you should apply for your desired apprenticeship roles to develop your skills.


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