Can You Progress from Being an Early Years Educator?

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Can You Progress from Being an Early Years Educator?

As an early years educator, you can work in a number of sectors, such as health, education and social care. Can you progress from being an early years educator with a degree? Yes, you can continue to make progress by testing your degree and skills in many fields. Let’s talk about some jobs that you can apply for as an EYE.

Job options

  • Early years educator
  • Education mental health practitioner
  • Education consultant
  • Health play specialist
  • Family support worker
  • Play therapist
  • Learning mentor
  • Special educational needs teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Youth worker
  • Teaching assistant
  • Social worker

Other jobs where your degree may help:

  • Speech and language therapist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Community development worker
  • Children’s nurse
  • Child psychotherapist

Work experience

If you want to improve your knowledge, get practical experience and make progress as an EYE, you should get the most out of your work placements. You can get plenty of experience in many ways. For instance, you can join local sports and youth clubs.

You can also try private tutoring or mentoring, especially if you have useful skills. Similarly, if you want to be a social worker, you can be part of a local social work community.

Typical employers

As an early years educator, you can work in a wide range of sectors with different employers. Some of them are listed below:

  • Health authorities
  • Local and global charities
  • Local authorities
  • State and private schools
  • Pre-schools and nurseries

As an early years educator, you can tap into a lot of opportunities and make considerable progress.

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