Does The Government Pay Apprenticeship Wages In The UK?

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Does The Government Pay Apprenticeship Wages In The UK?

If you are an apprentice, you will get paid on the job while training and gaining more experience. Apprenticeship wages in the UK will depend on several factors, such as your employer, u r apprenticeship level, and the sector you are in. Based on your role and experience, you may negotiate your pay with your employer. Based on what you decide on with your employer, it will be written in your contract of employment. Let’s find out more.

The government pays £1,000 to employers for hiring an apprentice. Besides, employers also get some incentives.  Another amount of £3,000 is paid to employers if they hire apprentices between April 1st, 2021, and September 30th,  2021.

Apart from the hourly wage rate, you may also get other incentives, surcharge discount schemes, performers bonuses, pension contributions, and so on. You should discuss all of these elements during the initial interview.

What’s the minimum wage for an apprentice? 

As an apprentice, your employer will pay you the apprenticeship minimum wage, which is £3.90 per hour. After the first year, you will earn a minimum hourly rate of £4.35 if you are under 18. If you are between 18 and 20, you will earn £6.15 per hour. 

The good news is that most employers pay more than the minimum wage. After all, they want to hire the best talent for their company. 

According to statistics, many high-end degree apprenticeships pay between £16,000 and £24,000 annually. And then there are “competitive salaries” that pay around the minimum wage rate, give or take. 

What sectors pay the highest amount for apprenticeships? 

If you check out the reports from Rate My Apprenticeship, you will come to know that generalizing apprenticeship wages in the UK cause most people to miss the point. On the other hand, variety adds to the interest. In each sector, there is a huge difference between wage rates. 

For instance, most people assume that an accountancy apprentice makes much more than an apprentice who studies law. However, if the law student is part of a legal team that advises a global sports brand, it will definitely make much more money. And the apprentices will also earn more than the apprentices in other areas. 

Are there any other perks?

In most cases, it’s just holiday pay. If you earn more than the average apprentice, you may get a pension scheme. Other than that, it all boils down to your apprenticeship contract. 

If you ask your employer, they may help you relocate or find accommodation. Besides, they may allow you to use a company vehicle or enjoy other leisure facilities. At times, apprentices just get a company pet as a gift along with a pant on their back. So, it depends on their direction and the negotiation that happens between you and the employer. 

So, the government does provide financial support for employers if they hire apprentices, but the wages are the responsibility of the employers only. Contact our experts today for more details information.

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