How Apprenticeships Can Diversify The Workforce

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How Apprenticeships Can Diversify The Workforce


Apprenticeships play a vital role when it comes to creating a fairer and stronger economy. In this type of community, people from all age groups and backgrounds use their potential. Apprenticeships allow employers to grow their business, boost productivity and improve the skill base. Let’s find out how apprenticeships can help diversify the workforce. 

With apprenticeships, employers can face many recruitment challenges. For instance, they can diversify their staff base and deal with major hurdles related to their aging workforce. 

Loads of opportunities for young people

Today, a lot of apprenticeship opportunities are available for people of all age groups and backgrounds. They can help apprentices land their first jobs, polish their skills or change their careers.  So, employers may offer apprenticeships to candidates with interests in different departments. And this helps create diversification. 

Championing diversity

Apprenticeships can help communities as they allow people to use their potential. The organization provides apprenticeship programs for everyone. Even under-represented groups can apply and benefit from these programs. So, an increasing number of people can benefit from these programs. 

As far as diversification is concerned, statistics from the years 2016 and 2017 tell us that 11% of apprenticeships involved people from the BAME background. During the same period, the number of apprenticeship positions also increased for people with a disability or learning difficulty. Besides, more than half of the positions were taken up by women. 

So, you can see how apprenticeships can help diversify a workforce significantly. 

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