Is 25 Too Old To Start Apprenticeship?

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Is 25 Too Old To Start Apprenticeship?

The short answer is, no. An apprenticeship offers a fresh opportunity to help you to gain new skills or qualifications in a new industry. If you want to change your career, start apprenticeship is a great idea. Let’s find out more.

You don’t have to become an apprentice just because you are starting a career. As an apprentice, you can gain more qualifications and experience. It will boost your sense of discovery and curiosity in your job.

You’re never too old to be an apprentice

Although you can become an apprentice at any time after you are 16, the funding arrangements may vary once you are more than 24 years old. 

Funding for apprenticeships 

As an apprentice, you will get paid on the job for your regular working hours and training. If you are older than 24 years, you may have to pay for the training cost out of your own pocket. But you can use an Advanced Learner Loan. Besides, you may be eligible for funding from the Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund, which may be your option if you are studying. 

Unlike a few years ago, you can now get degree-level apprenticeships. This degree may help you get promoted in your existing job. So, you may ask your employer if they can support you financially while you are an apprentice.

In short, you are never too old to become an apprentice. Even if you are over the age of 24, you may still sign a contract to start apprenticeship program to improve your skills and gain more experience.


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