The Minimum Wage For Apprentices Is Increasing!

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The Minimum Wage For Apprentices Is Increasing!

Wages For Apprentices are going to get paid even higher next year. From 1st April 2022, the NMW for apprentices is going to be £4.81. Back in 2016, the national minimum wages for apprentices was £3.30. Next year, you will earn £4.81 provided you are under 18 or it’s your first year of apprenticeship. Once you have gained a year of experience, you will earn the NMW. For instance, if you are over 23, you will earn an hourly rate of £9.50.

Are companies actually paying for this? 

Although the NMW for apprentices may not seem impressive, it’s just a requirement that employers need to meet. Your employer may choose to pay much higher than this. In fact, most pay more than this hourly rate. 

So, if you want to get started, now is the best time to do so. The competition is getting more fierce as time goes by despite the pandemic. So, more and more companies are feeling the need to recruit apprentices. 

Since the competition among companies is increasing, employers are offering impressive wages. On average, they pay between £15,000 and £25,000. The good news is that if you want to become an apprentice in London, you can earn more. For instance, you may be paid between £20,000 and £30,000.

In their 20s, wages for apprentices earn more than university graduates. So, why would you not want to become an apprentice?

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