Top 10 Reasons to Do an Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing

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Top 10 Reasons to Do an Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing


If you want to do your duties across the UK as a dental nurse, you must do an apprenticeship in dental nursing. Here are ten reasons why you should sign up for a dental apprenticeship. 

1. Gaining skill and experience

With apprenticeship training, you can improve your skills and gain plenty of experience in this field. And this experience and skill set will enhance your CV.

2. Learning while earning

As an apprentice, you will learn and earn at the same time. Plus, you will gain qualifications and recognition on a national level. As you gain more experience, your wage and benefits will also grow. 

3. Support and guidance 

Throughout your apprenticeship program, you will get support and guidance from your employer and colleagues. 

4. Professional qualification

You will gain skills and experience to become a qualified dental professional. In the future, you may set up your dental clinic. 

5. Staying ahead of the competition

With plenty of experience under your belt, you can stay ahead of other graduates. In other words, you will find it easier to land your first job. 

6. Cost

If you are 16 to 19 years old, you won’t have to pay for your dental apprenticeship. But if you are over 19, you may apply for a student loan. 

7. Learning from the experts

Your dental apprenticeship will allow you to learn from experts. You can ask questions to get a deeper insight into their experience. 

8. Becoming part of the team

Apart from gaining skills and experience, you may choose to become part of a nursing team. The idea is to get guidance until you are skillful enough to stay in the institution. 

9. No debt

Unlike a graduation program, you will have no debt at the end of your apprenticeship. 

10. Networking

You can meet new people and make new friends during your apprenticeship. And this type of networking will help you tap into many opportunities later on. 

So, these are 10 reasons to do an apprenticeship in dental nursing. 

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