What Is A Dental Nurse In UK, And Why Become One

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What Is A Dental Nurse In UK, And Why Become One


The role of a dental nurse is of an assistant that assists a dentist when it comes to patient care. Dental nurses know several dental procedures, such as general check-ups and special treatments. This article will tell out why you should become a dental nurse in the UK. 

Below is a description of some of the responsibilities of an experienced dental nurse. 

Instruement preparation 

Infection control 

Instrument sterilization before surgery 

Taking care of patients 

Completing patient notes 

Making sure that the dental practice runs smoothly 

Ensuring confidentiality

Why should you be a Dental Nurse?

Given below are some convincing reasons to be a dental nurse:

Not many qualifications are required.

If you only have a few qualifications, you can be a dental nurse and get a number of valuable skills. You don’t need any prior knowledge or capabilities for some dental qualifications. 

Rewarding career with lots of opportunities 

Unlike other medical professions, nurses are well-paid and enjoy tons of opportunities for training and development. If you need long-term career plans, nursing is an ideal profession for you. 

Standard working hours 

You can work regular working hours in most cases. However, If the dental practice continues beyond these hours, you may also have to work on weekends. Plus, you may get part-time work as well. 

So, these are some reasons you may want to be a dental nurse.

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