Can a Dental Nurse Become An Orthodontist?

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Can a Dental Nurse Become An Orthodontist?

There is a difference between dental nursing and orthodontist nursing. For instance, in orthodontic nursing, dental procedures are non-invasive and the treatments are designed for young patients. 

A dental nurse can become an orthodontist by taking the required courses. If you want to sign up for this course, you have to be registered with the General Dental Council

Besides, you should have a Record of Experience, which is possible only if you have treated 50 orthodontic patients, including 5 functional treatments, and 10 fixed and 10 removable appliances. 

You will work with dental patients who may need fixed or movable orthodontic treatment. Additionally, the course content may include oral health education, orthodontic photography, record keeping, and laws related to orthodontic care. 

Orthodontic Nursing Course Assessment

The orthodontist course includes a 90-minute written exam. Besides, your Record of Experience is part of the assessment process. You need to submit your Record of Experience at least a month before the exam. 

This record should consist of three sections. The courses will help you gain a set of new skills. Plus, you will understand the risks, benefits, and aims of the treatment. And you will be able to advise patients so that they can maintain their orthodontic appliances. Additionally, you will help patients get ready for treatment. You will take clinical photographs and assist with procedures. 


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