Is There A Shortage Of Dental Nurses?

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Is There A Shortage Of Dental Nurses?

Before we get to the point, let me say something for sure: It’s probably the best time to become a dental nurse. Today, locum agencies, dental practices, community services, and hospitals are in desperate need of dental nurses. So, dental nurses are more likely to land their desired jobs and get paid well. Now, let’s find out if there is a shortage of dental nurses.  

Supportive working environment

First of all, the problem is that adverts for nurses describe what is expected from nurses, not what the practice offers for these professionals. So, there is a lack of flexible working hours and a flexible working environment, which is a problem for nurses with families.

Plus, nurses have to fill out numerous forms, CPDs, and tick boxes. And there are loads of documents that talk about guidance about decontamination and sterilisation. The guidance is written in such a way that it’s relatively easier to understand software TOCs.

Sudden void

Another problem is that dental nurses don’t tend to maintain their GDC registration. On top of this, the nationwide talent shortage affects other industries that can attract experienced nurses through flexible working hours and higher pay.

This is another factor that may trigger a shortage of dental nurses. However, if the UK government eases restrictions on immigration, the scenario may change.

So, if the government and concerned institutes address the issues and concerns faced by dental nurses, this trend may be reversed.

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