What Does A Dental Nurse Apprentice Do?

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What Does A Dental Nurse Apprentice Do?

Your role as a dental apprentice is to observe and shadow a dental nurse. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the clinician can do their treatment without any problem. You will also observe the dentist perform a wide range of dental treatments.

Communication methods

Your apprenticeship will help you understand different communication methods so you can interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. Effective communication skills are essential when you need to calm down anxious patients. 


You will train and learn about the decontamination and sterilization process. In fact, these two processes are essential to prevent cross-contamination during dental treatments and procedures. 

Instruments and treatments

As a trainee, you will learn about a wide range of instruments and their application for the right treatments. These instruments should be in their respective zone to avoid contamination. 

Dental charting

Another job role is to prepare teeth charting during the examination and make a note of treatments that may be performed. You will update this chart at each stage of the treatment. 

Besides, your clinician or dentist will teach you how to aspirate, which is placed in the patient’s mouth to remove water. The idea is to make the patient feel comfortable during treatment. 

So, this was a description of some of the things you will do as an apprentice. During this period, you will learn a lot and gain a lot of experience.


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