What GCSEs Do I Need to Do a Dental Nurse Apprenticeship?

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What GCSEs Do I Need to Do a Dental Nurse Apprenticeship?

As a trainee in a dental nurse apprenticeship, you can work for as long as you want without qualification. You will train to perform your duties in a safe environment. Since you are not qualified, you can’t do certain procedures. To complete your dental nurse apprenticeship and become a qualified nurse, you need to take a nursing course. Let’s find out more about GCSEs. 

You can choose from a lot of courses to qualify and get approval from the General Dental Council. Every provider has its own course requirements, but you have to get at least two GCSEs in maths and English language or a science subject for most courses. 

Based on the selected course and the approach, it may take between 9 months and two years to complete the course and get qualified. As an alternative, you can go for a foundation degree. 

Universities have their own admission requirements. Generally, they require A-Levels or Level 3 qualifications. If you need a foundation degree, you should contact your desired university to confirm the requirements of the course. 

Another sure-fire way of qualifying is to go for a Level 3 in dental nurse apprenticeship. This approach will help you gain some hands-on experience as well. 

To be an apprentice, you should be all set to be on a team with a strong commitment to learning more. Usually, apprenticeships take two years of independent learning and on-the-job training.

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